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Santos Cage Dolls II Inspired Figures Online Course

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Santos Cage Dolls II: Inspired Figures

This class is taught by Jen Rizzo

This is a one week (4+ hours of content), online, art course.

Let's dive into clay, plaster, wood, concrete and wire to make Santos and art dolls! If you've taken the first Santos dolls class, this class expands on earlier material and introduces new techniques,projects and doll forms!

We'll make 2 traditional Santos dolls,one with a traditional cage base, and the other standing, and then head off into making art dolls inspired by nature and birds,such as "She takes flight", "Wearing feathers and wire","Sunflower girl" and concrete mini-dolls for garden fairies. We'll also make the easiest Santos doll ever using something completely unexpected!

We'll use ordinary and accessible household items to make armatures and frames, and learn different facial sculpting techniques, and skills such as making molds of faces and heads, and casting in plaster to be able to recreate elements of our dolls so they can easily be reproduced. We'll make wings from various materials and work with wire, wood, plaster, concrete, paint, wire mesh and more!

I love mixing all kinds of materials, and getting my hands dirty, and I am so excited to share this class and help open your inspiration and create with you!

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